About us

The Polisportiva San Mamolo was born in 1972 as a project of Romano Lanzarini. The project was strongly supported by Monsignor Novello Pederzini, priest of the San Mamolo parish church. The idea was clear: build a “Friendship gym center”, a space where children could grow up following the fundamental values of stay together.

Since its birth, the Polisportiva has had a solid link with Basketball activities, but soon has opened the doors to many different sports. Today, the activities held within our three gyms are: baby mini basket, judo, ballet, modern jazz, hip hop, rhythmic, skating, zumba, pilates, floor exercise and stretching, over 60 Gymnastics and Dance Group.

Throughout the city, however, the Polisportiva organizes amateur basket activities for youth and adults, minibasket within schools, rhythmic, soccer, skating, mini volley and much more. Moreover, for over 30 years we organize the summer sport camp. Yearly hundreds of children come on the Apennines enjoying the nature and the sport values. During all these years our summer sport camp has become a traditional summer destination holiday for Bolognese youth.

The aim of the Polisportiva has been always to grow up boys and girls, youth in a protective environment where the sport values, competition and will to win are linked the respect of each other, awareness of itself and of its limits and the importance of team spirit.